FORENO. Tapware now features Cold Start Technology on selected kitchen tapware.  The sink mixers have been re-engineered with the cold water setting at the top.

That’s normally the fully mixed Hot/Cold position on regular mixers. With Cold Start Technology you only turn on cold water when the lever is in this position.

With over 5o Years of designing Tapware for New Zealanders we’ve found alot of tap users position the lever in the upright position when its off.

By having it set to full cold in this position instead of mixed hot and cold you use less hot water.

And because the lever doesn’t get pushed back towards the wall it can be installed closer to the wall.  This makes them ideal for sinks that are set close to the wall, and in Butlers pantry sinks with limited space.

You can currently find Cold Start Technology built into a variety of sink mixers including the FORENO. Vienna Sink Mixers, E-STEEL Minimal Gooseneck Mixers, and E-STEEL Square Sink mixers, while the technology will be rolled out across the range.

Cold Start Technology