While FORENO. Tapware uses advanced machining and finishing tools and technology in the manufacture of our products, the surfaces remain susceptible to damage caused through the use of abrasive, alkaline, and acidic cleaning products. Many cleaning products that are sold through retail stores for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens contain chemicals and ingredients that can be damaging to the finely finished surfaces found on your tapware.  This includes many cleaning products branded “natural”, “eco”, or “organic”.

To maintain the as-new appearance of your kitchen and bathroom tapware for many years to come it is important to follow these simple care instructions:

  • To clean the surface from any marks (toothpaste, waterspots, food deposits etc), use a clean, soft cloth, that has been rinsed in warm water and wrung out well, and gently wipe clean. A mild soap solution may also be used on occasion. We recommend wiping down your kitchen mixer on a daily basis with clean dishwashing water before washing your dishes.
  • Do not use Microfibre cloths to clean or polish the surface of your tapware. These can carry fine particles and scratch the surface coating.
  • Do not use acidic, caustic/alkaline, abrasive or citric cleaners.  This includes bathroom and shower spray cleaners, cleaning powders, cleaning pastes, polishing agents, silica based cleaners, or cream based cleaners and cleansers.  These can damage the coating and cause premature failure of the surface coating.
  • Do not use products designed to remove tarnish or rust.
  • Do not use bleach or chlorine based cleaners.
  • Do not use cleaners containing hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, butyric, or phosphoric acids. These can be found in mould removers/cleaners, ceramic cleaners, glass cleaners, and grout and tile cleaners.
  • Do not use scouring pads, scrub pads, or steel wool.
  • Do not use solvent based cleaners, including ethanol, butyl, or methanol based formulas.
  • Do not use disinfectants. Many of these contain chlorine and alcohol based ingredients.
  • Do not use cleaning wipes, alcohol wipes, hand wipes, or disinfectant based wipes.

Care should also be taken to avoid knocking the finish with hard objects – pots, pans, cooking utensils, kettles etc, can chip or damage the finish on kitchen mixers so avoid making contact with the tapware with hard or metallic objects.

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